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FN FNX-45 Tactical GBB (Black)

Cybergun FN FNX-45 Tactical GBB in Black. Features:
  • Mag Capacity: 25rds
  • Weight: 950g
  • Power: 328 FPS

KP-09 Full Metal GBB

KJ Works KP-09 Full Metal GBB.

P226 P Virus GBB

WE P226 P Virus GBB. Features:
  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Semi Automatic

Salient Arms 2011 DS 4.3

Armor Works EMG Salient Arms 2011 DS 4.3.

Sig Sauer P226 E2 Silver GBB

Tokyo Marui (TM) P226 Silver GBB. This polymer weapon, despite the lack of metal on the outside, maintains good weight with metal internals. It is very similar to Marui older model and tis also compatible with the old magazines. A full size pistol with compact ergonomics, the switches are designed a little closer to make operation easier with one hand. The trigger pull length is mostly the same but the reset length is shorter making the trigger pull much quicker. With the hammer locked, the single action trigger pull is much shorter and faster as a consequence. The manual safety makes a return along with its secondary function as a de-cocker. The extra safety functions and shorter switches make it an ideal choice for users with smaller hands that might find other combat pistols a little too large to handle comfortably. The magazine is similar to the old one but with improvements, it can also cycle on HFC134a / Duster gas or Top / Green / Propane gas but the later will wear the gun down faster. It clocks in at a Marui normal 270-290 FPS on green gas, a nice solid figure for an out-of-the-box Marui GBB pistol. The new magazine boasts 20% improvement on thermal-pressure efficiency which should help reduce cool down loss of power. With a BB capacity of 25 rounds, it is up their with the most combat effective airsoft sidearms. The ergonomic design as been further improved with the grip panels featuring a wrap-around design with no external screws. The hop-up is adjustable via an internal wheel, the instructions included explain how to remove the upper to access it. This pistol runs on both the new and old mags, the new mag can run both the new and old 226. 
  • Semi Automatic
  • Capacity: 25 rds
  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Length: 194mm
  • Weight: 740g
  • Power: 275 FPS

Sig Sauer P229 GBB

WE P226 Full Metal GBB. Features:
  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Semi Automatic

TT33 Silver GBB

WE TT33 GBB. Like the original pistol replica is made entirely of metal, only the grip pads are made of composite with star and CCCP letters. On the left side of pistol grip is placed trigger safety and lanyard loop. The replica has a strong blowback recoil system, which makes shooting very realistic. After the last shot, the slide remains in the rear position. Features:
  • Fixed Hopup
  • Length: 194mm
  • Weight: 687g
  • Capacity: 14 rds
  • Power: 300 FPS

WE P08 Full Metal Gold GBB.

WE P08 Full Metal Gold GBB.
  • Shooting Mode: Semi Automatic
  • Magazijn Capaciteit: 15 BB's

WE P08 Full Metal Silver GBB.

WE P08 Full Metal Silver GBB.
  • Shooting Mode: Semi Automatic
  • Magazijn Capaciteit: 15 BB's

WE PX4 GBB in Metal

WE PX4 GBB in Metal.

WE17 Desert Metal GBB

De WE 17 (17) van het topmerk WE in het kleur Desert. Features:
  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Semi Automatic
  • Magazijn Capaciteit: 24 BB's
  • Inner barrel: 90mm