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Buy Pen Gun Pistol online

Length of the Stinger when in pen mode is just under 6-inches. This is the same as a normal Bic-style disposable pen, but is closer to the thickness of a sharpie-style marker. At 5-ounces, it was heavy for a pen, but still less than an 8-ounce single-shot Butler derringer. The case, 2-inch barrel, and internal parts are all made of steel. No aluminum, pot metal, or plastics -err I mean polymers were used in the construction. This tends to make the Stinger look more like a tire-pressure gauge-gun than a pen-gun but that is not nearly as snazzy a sell. A neat little metal collar behind the barrel twists around to form a crude but positive active safety device. The downside of the firearm of course, is its limited practicality. While it could be carried in a shirt pocket conceivably as a self-defense firearm, it would take 2-3 seconds to deploy in even the most optimistic of circumstances. With no sights, it was a point-blank weapon. The fact that it had to be disassembled to reload the single round meant that in almost any circumstance it would be a one-shot wonder.

Buy Ruger Bisley Hunter 44Mag/44Spl

UPC:     736676008629   Description:     RUG S BLKHWK BIS HTR 44M 7.5SS   Brand:     Ruger   Model:     Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter   Type:     Revolver: Single Action   Caliber:     44M   Finish:     Stainless Steel   Action:     Single Action   Stock:     Black Laminate   Sight:     Front: Ramp Rear: Adjustable   Barrel Length:     7.5   Overall Length:     13.12   Weight:     52 oz   Capacity:     6   Safety:     Transfer Bar   Packaging:     Plastic Case   Features:     Unfluted Cylinder;   1 Scope Rings, Integral Scope Mounts

Buy Ruger Blackhawk Bisley 45acp/45LC

MODEL:Super Blackhawk Bisley 0475   TYPE:Revolver   ACTION:Single Action   FINISH:Stainless   STOCK/FRAME:Steel Frame   STOCK/GRIPS:Black Laminate   WEIGHT:43 oz   CALIBER/GAUGE:45 ACP | 45 Colt   CAPACITY:6 BARREL:3.75"   SAFETY:Transfer Bar   ADDL INFO:Both Cylinders Unfluted   ADDL INFO:Bisley Grip Frame   ADDL INFO:Bisley Hammer & Trigger   GUN CASE:Plastic   EXCLUSIVE:LIPSEY'S EXCLUSIVE

Buy Ruger LCP II

Item #: 3750 UPC_Code: 736676037506 Manufacturer: Ruger Model #: LCPII (Lightweight Compact Pistol) Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto Finish: Blue Stock: Black Glass-Filled Nylon Frame Sights: Fixed Barrel: 2.75 Overall Length: 5.17 Weight: 10.6 oz Caliber: 380 Capacity: 6+1 Action: Single Action # of Mags: 1 Features: Includes Finger Grip Ext Floorplate, Pocket Holster Last Round Hold Open

Buy Ruger LCP II w/ Viridian Laser

UPC: 736676037582
Description: RUG LCPII 380 SA PST B 6RD LAS
Brand: Ruger
Model: LCPII with Viridian E-Series Red Laser
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Caliber: 380
Finish: Blue
Action: Single Action
Stock: Black Glass-Filled Nylon Frame
Sight: Fixed
Barrel Length: 2.75
Overall Length: 5.17
Weight: 11.4 oz
Capacity: 6+1
# of Mags: 1
Safety: Trigger Safety
Packaging: RUG LCPII 380 SA PST B 6RD LAS
Features: Includes Finger Grip Ext Floorplate, Pocket Holster; Last Round Hold Open, Factory installed Laser

Buy Ruger LCRx 9mm

Description:     RUG LCRX 9MM DA REV 1.87B 5RD   Brand:     Ruger   Model:     LCRX (Lightweight Compact Revolver)   Type:     Revolver: Double Action   Caliber:     9MM   Finish:     Matte Black   Action:     Double Action   Stock:     Hogue Tamer Monogrip   Sight:     Replaceable FT: Pinned Ramp, RR:U-Notch Integral   Barrel Length:     1.87 Stainless Steel   Overall Length:     6.5   Weight:     17.4 oz   Capacity:     5   Receiver:     Monolithic Aluminum Frame   Features:     External Hammer;   Stainless Steel Cyl W/ PVD Finish

Buy Ruger Security 9

UPC: 736676038107 Description: RUG SECURITY 9 9MM PST B 15RD Brand: Ruger Model: Security 9 Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto Caliber: 9MM Finish: Blue Action: Single Action Stock: High-Performance Glass Filled Nylon Sight: FT: Fixed RR: Drift Adjustable 3-Dot Barrel Length: 4 Overall Length: 7.2 Weight: 21 oz Capacity: 15+1 Safety: Manual Safety Features: Front Cocking Serrations, Textured Grip Frame; Bladed Trigger Safety

Buy Ruger SR9c 9mm 3-10rd Magazines

UPC: 736676033393 MFR#: 3339 Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 10rds Barrel: 3.4" Sights: 3 Dot Comes with 3, 10rd magazines

Buy S&W 1911 Pro Series 9mm 3″ Black Fs

Smith & Wesson 1911 Pro Series, Compact, 9mm, 3" Barrel, Scandium Alloy Frame, Blue Finish, Synthetic Grips, 8rd, Fixed Sights, Ambidextrous Safety 178053 Model: 1911 Product Type: 1911 Finish/Color: Blue Frame/Material: Scandium Size: Compact Caliber: 9MM

Buy Sig Sauer P238 2.72″ 6rd Dt Ns

Sig Sauer P238, Single Action, Compact Pistol, 380acp, 2.72" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Two-tone Finish, Fluted Polymer Grip, Fixed Night Sights, 6rd, 1 Magazine 238-380-tss-ca Model: P238 Product Type: Single Action Finish/Color: Two-Tone with Black Controls Accessories: 1 Mag Frame/Material: Alloy Size: Compact Caliber: 380ACP

Buy Springfield TRP 1911 SS NS

MODEL:TRP Service Stainless   TYPE:Semi-Auto Pistol   ACTION:Single Action   FINISH:Stainless   STOCK/FRAME:Steel Frame   STOCK/GRIPS:Black G-10 Grips   WEIGHT:42 oz.   CALIBER/GAUGE:45 ACP   CAPACITY:7 + 1   # OF MAGS:2   MAGAZINE DESC:7 rd.   BARREL:5"   OVERALL LENGTH:8.6"   SIGHTS:3 Dot Night Sights   ADDL INFO:Ambidextrous Safety   ADDL INFO:Match Barrel & Bushing   ADDL INFO:Checkered Front Strap   GUN CASE:Plastic

Buy Springfield XDE 9mm

UPC: 706397913670
Description: SPG XDE 9MM DA PST 3.3B 8/9RD
Brand: Springfield Armory
Model: XDE
Type: Pistol: Semi-Auto
Caliber: 9MM
Finish: Black Melonite Finish Slide
Action: Double Action
Stock: Black Polymer Frame W/ Enhanced Grip Texture
Sight: Ft; Fiber Optic Rr; Low Profile Combat
Barrel Length: 3.3
Overall Length: 6.75
Weight: 23 oz
Capacity: 8+1 & 9+1
# of Mags: 2
Safety: Ambidextrous Thumb Safety|Decocker
Packaging: Plastic Case, Cable Lock
Features: External Hammer; High-Hand Beavertail & Trigger Guard